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Card Making Ideas

Looking for some ideas for card making? Cards are a thoughtful part of gift giving, especially when they are hand made. If you are making a hand made card at home or in the classroom and you need a little something extra like a bit of colour, shine or a funny character or speech bubble, look no further. We offer a range of themed stickers and decorative borders and stamps to help along your card making ideas.

Themed Card Making Ideas

Polar Beach Christmas Sticker Sheet

Polar Bear Christmas

Christmas fun and winter chill. These fun and festive polar bear stickers will add some Christmas spirit to your scrapbook, handmade cards and gifts.

Seasons Greetings Sticker Sheet

Season Greetings

Celebrate this special season by brightening up your handmade Christmas cards with 3D effect seasonal greeting delights.

Halloween Sticker Sheet

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the time for witches, wizards and pumpkins so why not celebrate this batty holiday with a wicked Halloween sticker.

Happy Birthday Sticker Sheet


Celebrate and preserve those fun birthday memories with these 3D effect bright cake and balloon stickers.

Decorations for Hand Made Cards

Teddy Bears Sticker Sheet

Teddy Bears

Give someone you love that special teddy bear hug. A cute, loveable sticker is sure to put a smile on any one’s face.

Friendship Sticker Sheet

Friendship Sticker Sheet

BFF – best friends forever, remembering fun times had, using these cool stickers and preserving those special memories.

Happy Birthday Roller Stamp

A roller stamp that makes a great design on your child’s birthday party page as it rolls out a Happy Birthday message banner across the page in bright blue ink.

Love Hearts Sticker Sheet


A great idea for valentine cards are these beautifully coloured hearts, just to show how much you care.


Ball Dress Sticker Sheet

Ball Dress Sticker Sheet for Decorating Pages Enhance your scrapbooks with these lovable ball dress stickers.

Pirates Sticker Sheet

Pirates Sticker Sheet for Decorating Pages Ahar! Enhance your scrapbooks with these fun pirate characters!

Hearts Sticker Sheet

Hearts Sticker Sheet for Decorating Pages Awww! Put some heart into your hand made cards and journal entries

Christmas Sticker Sheet

Christmas Sticker Sheet for Decorating Pages Ho ho ho! Add to your warm greetings with our fun Christmas stickers