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Mother’s Day Scrapbooking Gift Idea

You may be thinking of what to get your mum for Mother’s Day.  Think no further, we’ve got the perfect scrapbooking gift idea that won’t break the budget and is from the heart.

Materials Required: 4 pieces of coloured A4 cardboard, 2 pieces of cotton wool, dried flowers (what is your mum’s favourite? can you get it from the garden?), 1 themed sticker sheet from our scrapbooking stickers section, your favourite photos of you and mum.


  • Put the picked flowers between a book, between two pieces of paper to let them dry and flatten out.
  •  Place the pieces of cardboard on top of each other and cut out a desired shape, such as a heart, a circle or a random shape.  Using a hole punch, punch two holes and tie a string in each so that the pices are bound together but still able to be opened like a mini scrap book.
  • Tear the photos so that you are cropping the desired part of the image.  Yes that’s right, TEAR!.  The trick with tearing is to create a small white border around the photo by tearing on an angle away from the center of the photo.  Best to practice on an unwanted piece of photo first!
  • Using a pencil, sketch out the areas that you are going to put text and the areas you will place photos.  Following your plan, glue the torn photos into place and using your favourite pens, write in a permanent copy of the text you will use.
  • In the spaces between the text and photos, use the scrapbooking sticker sheet to fill the gaps.



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